Ultrasoft Bamboo Towels


Softer than you can imagine

Ethical production

Bamboo fibres

Combining silky soft bamboo with the expert zero twist technology, our Ultra Soft towels really do live up to their name. 

After stepping out of a relaxing bath or a steaming hot shower, all you want to do is wrap yourself in supersoft comfort. With these towels, you’ll have your needs satisfied. 

The combination of bamboo fibres and combed long staple cotton alongside the towel’s comprehensive zero twist construction ensures supreme softness and absorption, whilst staying fluffier wash after wash. 

The zero twist technique uses extra-long and stronger cotton fibres which are looped out from the towel, rather than in short stubby twists.

Coupling this with the fact that bamboo fibres are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic, it’s clear these sustainable towels are the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin.

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Best eco friendly bath towels

Benefits of Bamboo

The antimicrobial properties of bamboo create a hypoallergenic towel that naturally repels mildew and mould, so that's added protection for your sensitive skin and any microbe-associated allergies. Winner!

The antibacterial properties that remain from the bamboo plant will also prevent any mould or mildew building up on organic bamboo towels that are left hanging around often damp after use, something that pure cotton towels don't guarantee.

Bamboo also has an extremely high power of absorbency and is superior in soaking up any moisture. These means that using bamboo to make this collection is always sure to produce an incredibly absorbent towel.

Softer & Stronger

Zero-Twist Technology

Remaining beautifully soft wash after wash, zero-twist towels are built to hold their durable and absorbent characteristics.

Differing from conventional twisted cotton which typically results in your bath towels feeling rough on the skin after washing.

The superstrong, durable blend of bamboo and cotton allows the towels to be crafted using the techique called Zero-Twist which is where each loop is left open (rather than twisted).

Therefore providing supreme softness, and excellect absorbency - with more air between the loops, water will be soaked up faster.

Our towels dry quicker

Hanging Straps

Our strong Misona hooks ensure wet towels dry more efficiently. With Bamboo Bath Towels having super absorbent properties, this means our towels hold a lot of moisture.

Eliminate the fear of your towel falling into a heap on the floor.

Tidily hanging your towels with our built-in hanging hook will encourage the towels to dry faster, preventing water getting trapped in the towels folds.

Trust that your towels will stay put whilst they dry off with ease.