Organic Cotton Bath Mat


Organic cotton

Slip resistant backing

Beautiful design

Treat your feet to some organic comfort every single day courtesy of our ribbed bath mats and bath runners.

These beautifully soft rugs are expertly crafted using 100% organic cotton that is sustainably sourced and ethically made. 

Featuring a subtle yet stylish ribbed design to add a hint of texture to your bathroom, choose from a range of colours to find the perfect fit for your home and create a co-ordinated look with our ribbed towels.

And for maximum protection for you and your loved ones, a non-slip spray latex backing has been lovingly applied, giving you peace of mind with every single use.

What we are proud of
What we are striving for
What's the difference?

Organic Cotton vs Traditional Cotton

Conventional Cotton requires a mass of toxic chemicals to promote growth.

The significant use of pesticides in production is poisoning our soil and waterways, causing a drastic negative impact to the surrounding wildlife.

This is why Misona was keen to step up and make a difference.

Our Organic Cotton Bath Mats are produced far more sustainably, with the planet in mind, as our cotton doesn't require pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to be grown.

Better still, Organic Cotton production uses an estimated 90% less water than normal cotton production, giving a massive saving with every non slip organic bath mat that we produce.

Eco friendly bathroom products

GOTS Certified

We want you to have trust in Misona and our products. That's why we are proud to say our Organic Cotton Bathmats are certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

What does this mean?

This certification provides assurance that our environmentally friendly bath mats are made with 100% Organic fibres which are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides.

It doesn't end there, GOTS also ensures the customer that the whole lifecycle, starting from the processing and manufacturing, right through to distribution, is done in a sustainable and ethical matter that meets their planet conscious guidelines.

Organic Cotton Towels

Co-ordinate your Bathroom

Our Organic Cotton Bathmats can be perfectly paired with colour matching Towels.

Alike the Bathmats, these Towels are sustainably made using Organic Cotton. Mixing practicality with a stylish touch of luxury, these Towels are an everyday essential, made to look good in any décor.

Dry off after a hot shower with a gentle scrub, from the textured ribbed design.

Want a fully co-ordinating towel set? Consider our Organic Cotton Towel Bales, certain to add a luxury touch to your bathroom.