Striving for cleaner oceans

Being plastic-free is at the heart of Misona.

We are proud partners with CleanHub, to help tackle plastic polloution by removing any waste before it enters our oceans. Each and every order (no matter how big or small) that is placed with Misona will contribute with the removal of 1lb of plastic collection.

Every order helps

Making a cleaner future!

It's clear to see that plastic pollution is a world-wide problem that is proving to have affects to all of us. Together, we decided to stand up to this devasting issue by working with CleanHub, to tackle ocean bound plastic.

Working with the team of eco-heroes since November 2022, to help us on the way to meet our sustainable pledge, to be plastic-free and doing that little bit extra to make a difference.

Click below to view a live tracker of our progress so far!