We are combatting this by...

Using 0 plastics in our production.

None of our products contain plastic or synthetics; we use organic materials, gathered sustainably.

It is our aim to be completely plastic free by 2025; only our Earthstone bath mat comes with plastic packaging and we are constantly looking for a viable alternative that ensures the mat arrives in one piece.

Providing products that stay fresher for longer.

Through the use of superior-performing materials from bamboo to diatomaceous earth, our products are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and odour free.

This guarantees they will stay fresh and can last even longer in between washes, significantly limiting your water consumption.

watch the video for more info.

Style and sustainability, combined.

We wanted to make a difference where we knew how. That's why we created products that we would use, that help alleviate the problem and lead the way to a more sustainable future for our industry.