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Amazing diatomite: 5 most interesting facts
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Amazing diatomite: 5 most interesting facts

Although known for quite a long time, it goes without saying that diatomite is becoming a bit of a hot commodity across many different industries – and for a good reason too.

The market (along with its value) is growing and, by all accounts, there are no signs of that changing any time soon.

Unique properties, versatility, multitude of applications and sustainability - all this makes diatomite an extremely desirable product.

Before we dive in, let’s ask the fundamental question – what is diatomite exactly?

Diatomite, also known as diatomaceous earth or diatom mud, is a very crumbly, extremely porous type of sedimentary rock formed in marine and freshwater systems.

But is it so special? Here are some surprising facts about this extraordinary mineral.

It is formed by tiny living organisms

These organisms are called diatoms - single-celled, aquatic beings with hard silica shells.

They produce about 20%-40% of oxygen on Earth, and can be found in just about every environment with access to water and sunlight.


When they die, some of their skeletal remains combine and start to fossilise at the bottom of lakes, rivers, seas or oceans (in a process known as sedimentation) to finally turn into a full-blown rock formation – our precious diatomite.

From cat litter to dietary supplement

Did you know that diatomite is used in agriculture, construction, beer brewing, cosmetics and even the food industry? It’s all because of the unique properties it possesses.

It's completely safe and the best testament to support this claim as well as its versatility is the fact that it is just as effective as an organic insecticide (a great alternative to harmful pesticides, by the way), as it is as a dietary supplement, supporting hair and nail health in its purified, food-grade form. 

That is one unlikely combination, but it doesn’t end here - due to its high porosity and small particle size, it’s perfect for filtration, as any respectable brewmaster would surely tell you. They know all too well what it can bring to the table.

Clear Glass Beer Mug

And it’s not just beer – paints, swimming pools, beverages, chemicals and pharmaceutical substances. 

Let’s also not forget about our very own Misona line of bathroom products which includes a beautiful and durable diatomite bath mat

Here's a quick question - are bath mats recyclable? This diatomite one is. But, unfortunately, that's not the case for every type.

Eco-friendly solution

So, we’ve already established that diatomite is made from silica skeletons of microorganisms, and we know that it can replace many substances that are harmful to the environment, which makes it an ultimate “green” solution.

What’s quite unique is that the mining methods are also very environmentally sensitive, unlike many production practices for other materials or minerals.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another great thing is that, although it takes time, the deposits can be regenerated naturally, since diatoms are able to grow pretty much anywhere in the world and, as a result, keep on creating more rock formations.

On top of that, it’s been found that diatomite preserves almost all of its original properties after a simple thermal treatment process, which means it can be easily reused. 

Explosive roots

For many of us, this one can come as quite a shocker.

In 1867, a little-known chemist from Sweden shook up the world with his ground-breaking invention, which he decided to call a dynamite.


Perhaps you’ve heard of him. His name was Alfred Noble.

And yes, he did use diatomaceous earth to stabilise nitroglycerin in his original dynamite formula.

Diatomite can absorb up to 2.5 times its weight in water

You might be wondering, how is it possible that one type of mineral can be used in so many different ways across all these industries?

It all comes down to its amazing qualities - high permeability and porosity, small particle size, low density, and high surface area.

Here at Misona, we managed to take full advantage of some of its invaluable properties by combining them together to create an ultimate bathroom product – diatomaceous bath mat.

Diatomite Bath Mat Made From Diatomaceous Earth

With the absorptive capacity of diatomite, all water is gone in merely 60 seconds. It's completely safe, eco-friendly, durable and incredibly functional.

No more mould, bacteria, odour, or drying for that matter.

The stunning design doesn’t hurt either.

So why not hop on the diatomaceous earth products trend before it's too late?

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