Diatomite Stone Bath Mat

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We are always thinking outside the box, but it is what is in the box that we think you will love. 

From the ground up, this Stone Bath Mat is made from Diatomite, a naturally occurring, soft sedimentary rock. It is super absorbent, so perfect for soaking up water from wet feet. 

Our bath mat dries quickly - amazingly, it goes from wet to dry in around 60 seconds. But that's not the best bit. What you can save makes this the ideal bath mat for you and the planet. 

You'll save on electricity, water, and detergent because you don't need to wash or dry it like traditional mats.

It's anti-bacterial and odourless too, keeping your bathroom fresher and cleaner. 

  • Made from 100% naturally occurring material - diatomaceous earth.
  • Dimensions: 39 x 60cm (16 x 24") and approx. 1cm (0.4") in height.
  • Non-slip underlay included free of charge.
  • Easy care - sandpaper included for effortless maintenance.
  • Superior absorbency potential and drying time.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-mould and odour free.
What we are proud of
 Eco-friendly credentials. 

With the Quick Dry Bath Mat, there is absolutely no need for machine washing, saving valuable water and energy. There’s also no use for detergents which often contain harmful chemicals, keeping them out of the system and keeping you safe.

✓ Saving you money. 

Given the Stone Bath Mat’s long-lasting performance and the lack of any need for machine washing your mat, we estimate that you will save £44.20 per year in care costs compared with having a more traditional bath mat.

 The true beauty lies in its simplicity. 

With smooth rounded edges and simple designs, the Diatomite Bath Mat is sure to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy, adding texture and depth to any interior.

Diatomite FAQ's
Is this bath mat non-slip?

As diatomite is a natural rock it is not slip-resistant, but to keep your mat firmly in place, you will get a free sheet of non slip backing in your box.

How to clean a diatomite mat?

In the box you’ll receive a small sheet of delicate p320 sandpaper. Regularly scrub the surface layer to remove any stains and improve the porosity & absorbency.

Can I use it with underfloor heating?

Yes, underfloor heating will not affect the quality or performance of our diatomite bath mat.

Is it proven to be safe for use?

Absolutely! Here at Misona we want to provide you with peace of mind that our diatomite mat is perfectly fit for purpose. Our bath mat has been tested and is asbestos free! View our lab results here.

Is this kind of stone bath mat heavy?

Now we do realise that stone immediately makes everyone think of some serious weight, but in reality – it’s surprisingly light. The bath mat itself weighs approximately 2kg. It’s one of the many incredible properties of diatomite since it’s composed of fossilized remains of single-celled algae. You can easily move these bath mats around whenever you need to.

Does it feel cold against your feet?

The short answer is no – this kind of absorbent bath mat probably feels more like wood than actual stone.

How absorbent is it?

This product is often referred to as a quick dry bath mat – and it definitely earns its name. Thanks to the high porosity of diatomite, it can easily soak up all the water within a minute.

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The big question

What is Diatomite?

Originating from the Cretaceous Period, Diatomaceous Earth inhabits oceans and lakes. Found in these waters are fossilised remains of tiny, aquatic organisms, called diatoms.

Our diatomaceous earth mat is constructed through the process of diatom formation, preservation, and sedimentation, transforming a powdery substance into a solid, durable bath mat.

One characteristic of Diatomite is it's high porosity, making it the perfect addition to soak up moisture from a bathroom, as its highly absorbent composition will leave your feet dry in seconds.

Step off from the magic mat and watch your footprints disappear in front of your eyes - this instant dry bath mat is a must have in any home.

How to clean diatomite?

Easy to care for

Saving you money year after year, this quick dry bath mat doesn't require to be washed in the washing machine like 'traditional' bathmats.

Should you have any stains after use, simply sand paper the mat to remove any stains. We provide a small sheet of sand paper in every box. Sanding off the top layer every so often can also ensure the Diatomite continues to perform to the best of it's absorbent ability.

This method of cleaning, saves you money, water and electricity, whilst also eliminating the effects of leaving a carbon footprint.

Traditional plush mats, often carry microfibres (which are tiny micro-plastics) which cause drastic effects to our oceans. Switching to a sustainable homeware like a Diatomite Bath Mat will prevent any destruction to our already suffering waterways.


The eco-friendly quick dry bath mat

It may be time to wave goodbye to your plush bathmat and welcome our ground-breaking and innovative diatomaceous earth mat, as it is a great sustainable switch for you and the environment.

Made from the naturally sourced, soft, sedimentary rock, this mat doesn't require the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides, unlike the conventional material bathmat.

Chemicals used when growing materials such as cotton, causes irreversible effects to the soils, wildlife and waters. The production of Earthstone doesn't leave any sign of negative impact on the Planet.

Better still, your bathroom will be kept free from germs as the Diatomite's natural properties include being anti-bacterial, anti-mould and odour free; making your Bathroom the safe and relaxing sanctuary it should be.


Stone bath mat

Saving you money year after year, this quick dry bath mat doesn't require to be washed in the washing machine like 'traditional' bathmats.

Even though our fast absorbing bath mat is technically made of stone, it doesn’t feel like it at all. Thanks to the unique properties of diatomite, we’ve managed to create a product that’s deceivingly light and yet, extremely durable – a truly sustainable bath mat that is built to last.

With a modern design and minimalist, versatile colour options, it will fit and complement any bathroom space perfectly, giving it a unique finishing touch. This is the stylish piece of homeware you’ve been looking for.

A bargain like this is hard to beat. The long-lasting durability it offers, coupled with an affordable price, makes it the ultimate cost-effective solution in the world of bath mats. And with the money you’ll also be saving from not having to machine wash this bath mat, it really is a no-brainer.