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Testing Our Diatomite Bath Mat (It Doesn’t Contain Asbestos!)
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Testing Our Diatomite Bath Mat (It Doesn’t Contain Asbestos!)

Here at Misona, we occasionally have questions about the contents of our diatomite/diatomaceous earth bath mats.

Some customers seem to be worried because of news articles they have seen circulating about asbestos being contained in similar bathmats and drinks coasters around Japan and Hong Kong in the last few years.

In December 2020, Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) recalled a number of diatomaceous products as they were found to contain asbestos.

These are not the same products that Misona sell, and we want to dispel any worries that customers might have about the contents of our diatomite mats.

Diatomite Mats which had asbestos traces
Some of the products that were recalled in Japan due to asbestos contents.

To help do this, and ensure our customers have complete faith in our products, we’ve sent our diatomite bathmat for independent testing by Allium – a UKAS accredited asbestos surveyor.

They have verified that our bathmats do not contain asbestos and are perfectly safe for our customers. Hooray!

misona diatomite asbestos test

If you’d like to read the full report, you can also find it here.

As far as we know, Misona are the only diatomite bath mat supplier on the market that has conducted independent testing, so you can purchase from us and be confident of a quality and safe product that not only looks great in your bathroom – but can also be better for the environment than conventional bath mats.

Of course, we’re not surprised to see the results of this test - we only use quality and safe materials in our products, and work with high quality manufacturers to make sure that our products are the best available on the market - free from any problems, issues, or contaminants.

At Misona the experience of our customers comes first and foremost. We do this whilst maintaining an environmentally friendly range of home and bathroom products.

We will never put customer health and safety above profit, and will always be staying true to our environmental pledge:

  • To use zero plastics in our production, and be plastic free by 2025;
  • To provide products that stay fresher for longer – helping to eliminate unnecessary washing and water consumption.

By doing this we can combine both style and sustainability, whilst creating a better future for our industry.

Got any questions about our products? Then feel free to get in touch.

We are always happy to answer any queries about our range of towels and bath mats.

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