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Conservation 101: Land Pollution & Why It’s Worth It To Buy Quality Organic Products
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Conservation 101: Land Pollution & Why It’s Worth It To Buy Quality Organic Products

As the effects of climate change become clearer, more people are starting to ask themselves what actions they can take to reduce their own impact on our environment.

Over the last decade, land pollution has reached an all-time high, urging us to take a more critical look at our lifestyles so far and try to find ways to live more sustainably.

We currently live in a world that offers us access to almost anything we could wish for, at any time. That, inevitably, has led our culture to common over-consumption.

A Person Handing Over Delivery Packages

This increased demand for products causes companies to find ways to manufacture their products quickly, which can potentially mean that the products are of lesser quality and can even contain harsh chemicals.

Once these products enter the market and are eventually thrown away, the chemicals slowly seep into the environment, which can have devastating effects.

In this article, we will go over some reasons why it is worth investing in good quality organic products. Keep on reading to find out more.

Products Last Longer

One great benefit to buying quality organic products is that they will last longer.

When looking for new things to buy, it is important that you take the time to properly research the company and the products they supply and find out what materials they use in the manufacturing process.

You will be able to tell from the materials used whether the product is sustainable and whether it will last for as long as you’d want it to.

For example, bamboo is a very strong, naturally-occurring resource which makes it an ideal material to make organic products from.

Sunlight over Brown Bamboo Trees

Our organic bamboo towels are a great option if you are looking for an upgrade from your regular bathroom towels.

As well as being comfortable and organic, bamboo is also naturally odour-resistant and anti-bacterial, meaning bamboo towels like ours will last longer than average bathroom towels available on the market.

You will also save on water and energy, as they won't need to washed quite as much as standard towels.

Safer For The Environment

Yet another reason for investing in quality organic products is that they tend to be far safer for the environment.

We all know that we need to be doing our bit to protect the planet, and buying organic products is just one way we can achieve that.

Many manufacturers will use harsh chemicals within their products, which eventually are released into our environment.

Person Wearing White Suit Holding White Container

Moreover, modern products often contain plastic, even on microscopic levels, which means it can filter its way into the ecosystem.

This artificial material is extremely damaging to the environment and, for the sake of the planet, it is recommended to avoid it whenever possible.

Instead of spending money on cheap products that won’t last and can potentially be harmful to the environment, we should consider investing in organic products, just like our organic bath mat collection as growing organic cotton does not require any pesticides or other harsh chemicals.

Will Biodegrade Quicker

Buying organic products is an ideal strategy if you want to ensure that once you dispose of those items, they will biodegrade quickly.

One of the leading causes of land pollution is the fact that of the millions of products that are thrown away every year, only a handful of them will naturally biodegrade.

As a result, a large portion of the waste will stagnate in a landfill for hundreds of years.

This build-up of non biodegradable products is wreaking havoc on our environment and causing serious damage to the ecosystem as a whole.

Landfill under Clear Sky

You should invest in products that you know are made from natural ingredients, as natural materials will biodegrade over time.

At Misona, we aim to exclusively use such materials (like diatomite or organic cotton) to create products that will be sustainable for the environment.

Diatomite is a sedimentary rock which is naturally absorbent, which makes our diatomaceous earth mat the perfect natural bath mat for your home.

It contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides, so it will naturally biodegrade and cause no damage to the environment. 

Can Help You Live More Sustainably 

As people are becoming more aware of climate change and land pollution, they are starting to seek out ways in which they could lead “greener” lives.

Of course, large corporations are the major cause of climate change, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all be doing our bit for the planet.

London Businesses beside the River Thames

Investing in quality organic products is an effective way of introducing sustainability into your life.

The idea of being eco-friendly has become more popular of late, which means there are hundreds of sustainable companies, just like ours, making it easier for consumers to be eco-friendly.

Being sustainable, however, isn't something that happens overnight. Researching companies and being extra cautious about shopping decisions can certainly take some time.

Better For Your Health

You might know that buying organic products is a far better choice for the environment, but did you also know it can be good for your health too?

The term ‘organic’ means that these products do not contain any harsh chemicals or pesticides.

So, if you are using something like organic cotton towels, then you will not be leaving any harmful toxins on your skin when you use them.

A woman using Organic Cotton Towels

Organic cotton is also more absorbent than regular cotton, so you will not have to spend as long drying your body.

Misona’s sustainable cotton towels could be an ideal option if you’re looking to make some sustainable changes in your life.

At Misona, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners find the right sustainable solutions. Check out our blog to find more inspiration and ways to live sustainably in the future.

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