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Embrace Eco-Elegance with Bamboo Bathroom Accessories
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Embrace Eco-Elegance with Bamboo Bathroom Accessories

In recent years, the main theme in just about any industry has been all about going back to the roots.

That means nature - green energy, natural colours and décor elements with bamboo bathroom accessories, or sustainable fashion with organic cotton T-shirts. 

It’s all connected. And it’s all a good thing – a step in the right direction after all.

The world of bathroom design is no different. Natural spa-like décor is all the rage. 

And why is that? How on earth using precious and limited resources such as wood can even be considered sustainable? 

The simple answer is bamboo

We’ve praised the incredible properties of this unique plant on many occasions on this blog. And for a good reason.

Thanks to its growth rate (1.5 inches per hour!), anything made from bamboo is typically eco-friendly, which is why it’s often considered the most sustainable material out there – certainly in the timber category.

But that's only possible under certain conditions. So, does bamboo need a lot of water? What about sun exposure? In short, it's all about oxygen, so while bamboo does like deep watering, proper drainage is necessary to make sure it has optimal conditions for growth. Too much water actually crowds out oxygen.

Scenic View of Bamboo Trees

The fact that they bring something very special to any space with their great looks is just an added bonus.

In the end, if an item, whatever it may be, is well-made, easy on the eyes and the planet – what’s not to like? 

Bamboo products provide that unique and subtle finishing touch to any bathroom space.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of design we’re talking about here - they never fail to keep the sense of decorum alive. 

Enter the World of Eco Elegance 

Bamboo can take you there.

Accessories made from this material have the unique ability to really tie up any space, while bringing some life into it – a breath of fresh air if you will, despite its neutral colours.

When arranged properly and tastefully, you can basically re-do your whole bathroom – without having to go through the pain of actually re-doing it! 

But where to start? As always – the basics.

Practicality should be your number one concern. Yes, accessories should have a certain appeal and stylistic value, but the utilitarian aspect is even more important.

Actually, a perfect combination of the two would be the best option possible. 

Bamboo Bathroom Accessories – Towels 

Probably not the first thing that springs to mind, when we think of a bamboo product.

Be that as it may, this essential piece of every household is available either in a pure 100% bamboo or cotton-bamboo blend version. And it happens to be one of the best choices, both in terms of sustainability and value.  

Bamboo towels capitalize on many unique properties of this plant-based steel.

The fabric is not just incredibly soft, which gives it a luxurious feel, it also has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. These easy dry towels are extremely durable and absorbent. 

White Bath Towels with Bamboo

Bamboo itself is considered sustainable, however, it’s important to remember it has to be processed first to then be turned into a textile used to make a towel.

Now this process basically determines whether the final product is actually eco-friendly or just marketed as such. Unfortunately, because of the heavy use of various chemicals, it’s quite often the latter. 

How can we tell then? 

Thankfully, independent environmental entities come to our aid with their tests, quality and control, and certifications, like OEKO-TEX 100 standard.

If you see their stamp of approval on a product, you can rest assured that every thread has been tested for any harmful substances. 

If you see that certification, you can rest assured - your first set of bamboo eco towels has been made with sustainability in mind. 

Bamboo Mats and Rugs 

Another sustainable, and very stylish, addition to our eco-friendly homeware collection.

Wood is taking the world of interior design by storm. Everybody seems to be going crazy about that bit of natural warmth in their homes.

As great as it looks, it amounts to even more consumption of this precious resource. Unfortunately, when you cut down hardwood – it’s gone. It’ll take years for it to grow back up again. 

This is why Bamboo is a great alternative. It’s cheaper, easily sourced, lightweight and extremely durable.

Although some mats are designed specifically for bathroom spaces, these are extremely versatile pieces of homeware that can go beyond the bathroom - you can easily use them in your kitchen or living room.

Since this natural bath mat weighs next to nothing, moving it around isn’t an issue. 

Some mats are sturdier and look like a mini-pallet, whereas others are much softer and fairly flexible.

Doesn’t matter which way you choose to go – maintenance is not a problem.  But is bamboo waterproof? Not exactly - it's much more resistant than most types of timber, but it's not completely waterproof.

And don’t forget that bamboo can also be used as a textile, so an ultra-soft and absorbent cotton/bamboo bath mat is also an option here. 

This simple and elegant addition can be a stepping stone in building your very own eco-home. 

Bamboo Bathroom Set 

An absorbent bath mat sounds great, but many would argue it’s not really essential. This next item (or items) definitely is.

Let’s start this trip into the world of eco-friendly hygiene with an absolute must-have for anyone - a toothbrush.

A bamboo toothbrush has a unique look, and often comes elegantly wrapped in recyclable packaging.  

Close-Up Shot of a Person Washing a Bamboo Toothbrush on a Sink

If your gums get sensitive - it’s very gentle on gums and teeth thanks to its soft bristle.

Thanks to its natural antibacterial properties it helps keep the toothbrush clean by inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the bristles, which also helps maintain oral hygiene better.  

And did we mention they are fully biodegradable? 

Of course, there are other small accessories that will go perfectly with your sustainable toothbrush.

Bamboo soap dispensers, bamboo holders for toilet paper or special ones dedicated to a toothbrush, bamboo waste bins and towel racks – you can be just a few steps away from completely changing your whole décor. 

Bamboo Storage Baskets 

These bamboo accessories are true game-changers.

They give you a chance to completely organize your bathroom space – and do it in style.

With so many different sizes, they can be used to store just about anything – from towels to hair accessories, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies. They’re undoubtedly extremely versatile. 

What really sets them apart is how easy to clean and durable they are – again these natural anti-bacterial properties come in handy and really shine with products like this.

On top of that, they’re also water-resistant - and for a bathroom product, it’s really hard to find something more important.

Unlike their plastic counterparts, they’re obviously eco-friendly and sustainable.  

Bamboo Toilet Paper & Paper Towels 

Now let’s move on to single-use or disposable products. We do have some alternatives here. But what’s wrong with a “traditional” type?

Is it harmful? Regular toilet paper is typically made from wood pulp – this process, as you can probably guess, involves cutting down trees and then turning them into a pulp, which further contributes to the issue of deforestation and comes with all its costs – habitat and biodiversity loss, water pollution and carbon emission.

Technically, toilet paper is bio-degradable, but let’s not forget the plastic wrapping it comes in.  

Wooden hanger with body brushes and toiletries on white wall

By now, we understand how bamboo provides a great alternative in this regard.

On top of that, bamboo disposable products are both soft and durable. That’s especially useful when it comes to reusable paper towels – they’re really easy to wash with minimal wear and tear, even if they’ve been used quite often. 

There’s a question of costs. And yes, it can be an issue – especially with toilet paper.

The main problem here is it’s completely disposable and probably among the most frequently used and purchased household products.

That is a dangerous combination that can leave a real dent in our budget if we decide to go for a less affordable option. 

Paper towels, on the other hand, are a great investment.

Of course, they are more costly than their regular counterparts but a roll can last up to 6 months. Some manufacturers claim a single sheet can be used from 80 to 100 times. That’s quite impressive. 

Eco-friendly and Effortless 

Bamboo products are a great and really affordable way to change the entire atmosphere, feel and décor of your bathroom.

They go together really well, so matching and mixing is really easy, and they complement any style, bringing warmth and a touch of elegance, as well as understated sophistication.

Bamboo is your gate into the world of eco-elegance - without breaking the bank. 

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