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Home Décor – Natural Stone Edition 
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Home Décor – Natural Stone Edition 

Nature inspires us all in every walk of life. Style, fashion, design, art, music, architecture, various inventions and solutions – we owe it all to her. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Nothing beats that charm and warmth it never fails to deliver. 

And it continues to do so to this day. The biggest trends in interior design are natural hues, like earth tones and beiges. We’re also seeing more timber elements and natural stone pieces. While not the cheapest, they definitely offer much more than we tend to give it credit for. 

How do you get that stone-cold, drop-dead gorgeous look? What’s the best kind of natural stone to add to your home décor? 

Set in Stone 

When we think of stone, we normally mean one of three or four types we actually know or heard of once or twice. If you’re in this group, you’re really missing out.  

Like always, before making any decisions or recommendations a little research is a must - just to see what options we’ve got to make the best decision. 

Stone variety is very particular in this regard, with drastically different properties, unique strengths and aesthetics. And they all matter – no doubt about it.  

The price and potential costs are a key aspect. After all, stone is mostly considered a luxury and as such – not everyone may be able to afford it. Thankfully, luxury comes in different shapes and forms. 


Granite is synonymous with quality and durability and it definitely earns its reputation. It’s also very versatile, thanks to the diverse range of patterns and colours it comes in, which means it'll work great as a countertop, flooring or backsplash.

Granite worktops

It offers a luxurious and natural look - and not necessarily with a luxurious price tag. Sure, it may not be the cheapest choice but, when compared to other options with similar aesthetic appeal and quality, it's rather affordable - especially considering its longevity and resistance to all sorts of damage. And its value extends beyond indoor applications, it works great outside as well, thanks to great weather resistance. Benches, tables, even outdoor countertops. 


This one's a rare beauty. But first things first - what is it? Is it the same as quartz? Well, no. Unlike quartz, quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock formed from sandstone. It basically combines the charm of marble with the durability of granite at a price point that's right in between these two - cheaper than marble, more expensive than granite.

quartzite natural stone

It features elegant veining and comes in a variety of colours - similar to marble but with higher resistance to stains and scratches. But make no mistake - this is still a premium natural stone.

It's often used as a feature wall or cladding, even in a shower, as a kitchen countertop or the entire island. Pairs up really well with natural bathroom mats, elegant bamboo towels or wooden kitchen accessories and utensils. It's also a great option for outdoor pools and gardens since some versions of quartzite are more durable and feature a rough texture. Perfect choice for a poolside wall to provide some much-needed shadow or garden pathways. 


Travertine is a sedimentary stone with characteristic natural pits and voids that give it that rustic and charming textured look. It comes in extremely trendy earthy tones such as beige, tan, and cream, offering a warm and inviting look.

Travertine natural rocks

Travertine is often used for flooring, wall cladding, and outdoor applications like patios and pool decks. With a much more affordable price compared to marble and granite, it's a budget and elegant choice to add character to your home decor.

It works great with accessories, like table lamps, small tables or shelves, so if you're after a little extravagance, it might be worth giving travertine a shot. There are also luxury bathtubs made entirely of travertine. Throw in a unique stone bath mat on top of that to coordinate and accentuate the look, and create a uniform design language. 


A true timeless classic, an absolute pinnacle of luxury - marble. Ancient Romans loved it - and we do too. Sophisticated beauty and elegance, with its unique veining patterns and a polished finish that just screams luxury. But in that quiet, not-trying-too-hard way. Almost nonchalant.

natural stone marble bathroom

It comes in a variety of colours, from classic white Carrara marble to dramatic black Marquina type. Marble is typically more expensive than other natural stones, but why? It's not just the looks. In fact, both the process of extraction and fabrication are rather labour-intensive.

It is commonly used for countertops, fireplace surrounds, and as decorative accents, and furniture pieces, to bring a healthy dose of sophistication. Whichever way you want to use it - you can rest assured it's absolutely going to deliver. Marble is powerful enough to turn even a small accessory or a finishing touch into a statement piece. 


Limestone is a softer and more porous natural stone known for its more reserved, muted hues and natural texture. Another foolproof way to stay right with the current trend.

limestone rocks

It often features subtle patterns and fossilized formations, which are responsible for that distinctive look. It's definitely an interesting choice, but do bear in mind that limestone is less dense than granite or marble. That means it's more susceptible to scratches and stains.

On the plus side, it's moderately priced. It’s commonly used for flooring and wall cladding, but also outdoors - wherever you want to go for a slightly softer look. 


This translucent and soft natural stone is well-known for its smooth texture and subtle colour variations, ranging from creamy whites to warm earthy tones. And right now - that's the sweet spot.



Perfect minimalist stone, it's been used for centuries in decorative arts and sculpture, thanks to its unique features. It's soft enough to carve intricate designs in it, and it has this eye-catching luminous quality about it - especially when backlit. For the same reason, nowadays, it's a popular choice suitable for decorative objects, lamps, vases, and ornamental pieces rather than heavy-duty applications like countertops.

Elegant look and feel, paired up with a soft glow can make all the difference, especially when you know how to use lighting. Great for finishing touches as well as accessories and smaller pieces. Still enough to make a statement. 


This one's a real looker. It features dramatic veining and rich, unique colours with contrasting layers that make it look like something out of this world.

black onyx stone

To add to this completely original look and feel, onyx is also translucent, which makes it even more interesting and unique. Every intricate pattern, every twist and turn, all highlighted by natural light. Presentation at its best. Of course, a premium product like that comes at a premium. It's partly because it's so hard to come by. But there's also a matter of craftmanship required to extract and fabricate it.

It's often used for feature walls around the house, also in the shower where it can really shine and create an other-worldly aesthetic. But there's more - countertops, backsplashes, even backlit kitchen islands. Nothing beats natural light, but lighting fixtures offer a similar effect when used right.  


A well-known type of stone here that we believe deserves an honourable mention - diatomaceous earth. Just because it's different, it doesn't mean you should sleep on it! Especially when it's packed with value.

natural diatomite stone bath mat

Diatomite is predominantly used in functional applications such as coasters and yes - a diatomite bath mat. Thanks to its unique properties, it's a very effective filtering agent in water purification and cosmetics. It's the perfect piece for those starting to introduce natural materials into their living spaces.

Distinctive texture and eco-friendly characteristics make it a niche choice, but definitely one that can add plenty of charm and functionality to your home. With a wide range of designs and colours, it's really easy to mix, match, and coordinate with other décor pieces around the house. 

Cold as Stone 

It’s hard to make the right decision. Price, aesthetics, quality, durability, functionality… There are so many factors to consider. Every single type of stone on this list offers a lot of value but the question is – what do you need?  

At the end of the day, that’s the only thing that matters. It should check your boxes first and foremost, and only then should you worry about the rest. 

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