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Reduce your impact with an Eco Friendly Bathroom

Reduce your impact with an Eco Friendly Bathroom

As the true extent of the climate crisis becomes increasingly clear, many of us are trying to lead a more green lifestyle.

And, if like Misona, you are keen to reduce your impact on the environment, it is obvious that creating an eco bathroom is the way to go. 

In recent years, and indeed at the recent COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, notable figures like Sir David Attenborough have continued to highlight the damage that we are doing to our planet and the need for action. 

We all need to do our bit, and a simple place to start would be to make some simple changes around our home, whether that's using more natural products or being less wasteful.

That's why we decided to put together a checklist for actions you can take to make your bathroom greener and more sustainable.

✅ Water Saving Toilets

Reducing water usage in the bathroom (and indeed in general) is very important, which is why a dual flush, water saving toilet is one of the best and most obvious eco-friendly bathroom alternatives.

A dual flush toilet gives the option of a small and a large flush, so you will only be using as much water as you actually need.

New dual flush models use as little as 2.6 litres and 4 litres per flush, so you can halve your water usage with this change alone.

✅ Electric Showers

Heating water for your shower using your central heating system is not particularly efficient.

However, making the switch to an electric shower will save energy and also help you to use less water at the same time.

Electric is the best option for an environmentally friendly shower because it draws from the cold water supply and only heats what you need, making it extremely energy efficient.

As an added bonus, it sure to save you money on your household bills. 

Electric Shower

Water Saving Shower Heads

Switching to a water saving shower head can make your electric shower even more efficient.

By regulating the flow and aerating the water, these shower heads still provide good pressure whilst only using 50% of the water.

Another change you could make to your bathroom habits is simply cutting back on the number of showers that you take. 

And, when you do need to shower, try spending a little less time in there. Shortening your showers to 4 minutes could save the average family 21,900 litres of water every single year.

✅ Switch Off Taps While You Brush Your Teeth

Leaving the taps on while brushing your teeth is a bad habit that many of us are guilty of.

But leaving the tap on wastes around 24 litres of water a day, and a third of the population are doing it, so think twice next time you brush your teeth as simply switching off the tap could save you almost 10,000 litres of water per year.

Running Tap

It's also vital that you fix any leaking taps, as that is just another way of wasting water.

Each leaky tap in your home squanders around 25 litres of water a year, which adds up a total of 460 million litres of wasted water throughout the country (enough to fill almost 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools!).

Fixing a dripping tap is a simple job so either indulge in a spot of DIY or call out a plumber but don't leave it any longer. 

✅ Water Saving Bath Mats

New and innovative, bath mats made from natural Diatomite rock are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their eco credentials. 

Diatomite is a soft sedimentary rock that is naturally occurring. It is ultra absorbent, so makes the perfect addition for soaking up water from wet feet.

Amazingly, it goes from wet to dry in just one minute. But that's not the best bit. The savings you can make ensures that this is the ideal absorbent bath mat not just for you, but also for the planet.

Misona Earthstone Diatomite Bath Mat

You'll save on electricity, water, and detergent because you don't need to wash or dry it like traditional cotton and microfibre mats. 

These mats are also plastic free, with no sign of synthetic materials used such as in popular Microfibre Bath Mats. One of the most perfect natural bathroom products you will find, from a brand you can trust.

We estimate that you will save £44.20 annually on care costs, as well as reducing the volume of microplastics being released into the environment through machine washing.

✅ Bring Bamboo to the Bathroom

Being widely regarded as the fastest growing plant on Earth, Bamboo provides a useful eco-friendly solution.

And Bamboo isn’t just good for making towels, it can also be used to make toilet roll too.

Bamboo toilet paper produces 65% less carbon emissions than traditional tree paper, as well as being extra kind on the skin, making it one of the top eco-friendly products for your bathroom.

Cotton buds with plastic stems create an alarming amount of plastic waste. So much so, they have now been banned from sale and distribution in the UK.

Before the ban was imposed, according to the Marine Conservation Society, it is believed that in England alone 1.8 billion plastic-stemmed cotton buds were used annually. 

Plastic Cotton Bud

As an alternative to these, why not try out some great eco-friendly cotton buds made with Bamboo. They are biodegradable and compostable, helping us to protect our natural environments and marine wildlife.

Bamboo toothbrushes are another perfect sustainable product example for the bathroom, as well as Bamboo-handled razors, helping you to avoid using disposable plastic toothbrushes and plastic razors which are often difficult to recycle. Make the switch now.

✅ Choose Organic Cotton Towels

Adding some towels crafted using Organic Cotton, in a range of sizes, also make the ideal eco friendly bathroom products.

The Misona Ribbed Towels, made to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are sure to bring organic beauty and a gentle body scrub to your daily bathroom routine.

We are delighted that our Organic Cotton Ribbed Towels meet the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Misona Ribbed Organic Cotton Towels

This ensures that they meet stringent requirements for both environmental and human safety throughout the supply chain.

This certification gives us peace of mind, ensuring the product is made from organic ingredients, meets strict ecological and social responsibility standards and ensures workers rights are protected.

We are proud to be a company that has sustainability and the environment at the forefront of everything we do.

✅ Get Squeaky Clean with Eco Soap

Whether you're enjoying a relaxing bath or hot shower, you probably don't give too much thought to the soap you use, you just want to get clean.

However, many bars of soap that we use actually contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful to our skin, as well as the planet.

There are however a wide range of soap options with sustainability in mind, as well as having plastic free packaging to leave as little impact on the world as possible.

Eco Friendly Soap

Why not go the extra mile and choose a plastic free soap dish?

Adding an eco friendly soap dish, such as one crafted using bamboo, is an easy way of saving your bar of soap from melting away in water, or helping to last much longer by letting it drain the water between uses.

✅ Lighting Sensors and Low Energy Lighting

A study has shown that Brits waste a staggering £4.4 million every year by leaving lights on when they are not using the room.

Remembering to turn the lights off can prevent wastage, but you should also consider installing lighting sensors to turn the lights on and off automatically so that it's not something that you even need to worry about.

Making the switch to LED bulbs in the bathroom is another great eco-friendly change that you can make.

They use, on average, 75% less energy than a standard bulb. Over time, this adds up to some very significant energy savings. 

✅ Plant-Based Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products are made with nasty toxic chemicals that damage the environment. 

Plant Based Cleaning Products

But there are plenty of great eco-friendly cleaning products that are plant based, palm oil free and of great quality. There are also a wide variety of non toxic, plastic free toiletries and body wash that you could try out.

They are just as effective and much better for the environment, so why not make the switch today?

✅ Energy Efficient Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are often more efficient than traditional central heating options.

Water-based systems, in particular, are perfect for an eco friendly bathroom.

It's also important to ensure that you install the right radiator for the size of your bathroom.

Installing a radiator with the correct British Thermal Units (BTU) for the dimensions of the room will ensure that you are not using more energy than you need to maintain a comfortable temperature.

You can use this calculator to work out the correct BTU for your bathroom.

✅ Make your bathroom greener

We hope having these hints and tips all in one place will help you in creating an eco-friendly, sustainable bathroom to be proud of as well as helping with your health and well being.

It's all important that we do what we can to make the transition to a greener world.

You can read more about the Misona brand here.

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