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How sustainable is cotton?
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How sustainable is cotton?

Cotton is a popular and wise choice when it comes to the manufacturing and buying of products.

It’s an all-natural fibre that grows well in different climates and can be harvested quite easily. Many people today continue to use cotton in their daily lives.

Almost everyone is familiar with the material and has touched or worn cotton before.

From the clothes we wear, to the bedding we sleep in, cotton products are part of our daily lives.

Cotton T Shirt

Given this, it’s important to explore more about how sustainable is cotton and some of the benefits that cotton products provide.

Is cotton sustainable?

Generally speaking, organic cotton is less environmentally harmful than conventional cotton.

The reason being is that usually, organic cotton won’t use any pesticides.

Keep an eye out for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification on cotton products.

From the harvesting of the raw materials, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labelling, textiles certified to GOTS is there to provide a credible assurance to the consumer that their new products have been produced in a sustainable and eco friendly way.

However, as far as sustainability in relation to cotton goes, the answer is two-fold: both yes and no.

Cotton Plant Close Up - How sustainable is cotton?

You can recycle cotton and also make it into new garments or yarn. It’s a versatile material that you can use to make shirts or jeans.

It also supports the livelihoods of millions of people around the world both directly and indirectly.

While organic cotton and standard cotton products are recyclable, biodegradable, and don't produce microplastics, there is a lot of water required during manufacturing.

Fossil fuels are burned in the cotton mills themselves and transporting the giant bales of cotton from the field to the textile mills requires a lot of energy and gasoline.

Cotton is also the crop that’s most heavily sprayed with chemicals in the world, which can be problematic.

Benefits of cotton products

The main benefits of using cotton in textile production are that it’s washable, absorbent, and robust. It is also a breathable fabric.

You can also use it to create unique fabric blends since it blends well with other fibres such as bamboo, like in our Ultra Soft Bamboo Towels.

Not to mention that cotton is extremely comfortable and low maintenance. Cotton is naturally sustainable and supports farmers and local communities.

Cotton Farming

You can also sleep better when you have cotton sheets and bedding. Many people tend to choose cotton because it’s not clingy and is odour-free.

It is also far superior to synthetic fibers which can be used in the production of textile products.

For example, when washed, Microfibre Bath Mats will release thousands of tiny microplastics into our waterways.

Reducing the impact of the cotton production process

While conventional cotton production methods aren’t all that environmentally friendly, steps are being taken to improve the process and situation.

There are some new sustainability goals being set and followed throughout the industry.

Some actions that are being taken today to minimise the impact on the environment when producing cotton are:

  • Conserving natural habitats.
  • Reducing water usage and recycling it where possible.
  • Caring for the soil health.
  • Minimising the harmful impact of crop protection practices and use fewer harmful chemicals.
  • Preserving and caring for the quality of the fibre.
  • Striving to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Supporting sustainable cotton farming and using more sustainable cotton internationally during textile the manufacturing process.

Why choose cotton?

As a consumer, you have options when it comes to what you shop for and purchase.

There are several reasons to choose cotton and many people are continuing to do so. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the world’s favourite natural fibres.

Cotton Fibres in Hands

It’s not only versatile and durable but also beautiful and comfortable.

It’s a cost-effective option and is lightweight and breathable so is a great choice for the summer weather or to wear in the heat.

It’s the perfect selection when it comes to buying clothing, bedding, textiles, and many other products such as sustainable cotton towels, or an organic cotton bath mat.

Misona's 'green' attitude & our sustainable cotton products

Here at Misona, we sell beautiful bath mats and towels, made with soul.

We have a “green” attitude when it comes to offering sustainable products and packaging, water-saving practices with innovative products, and using organic materials which mean zero plastics.

Our motto and mission are to offer planet-conscious products, without sacrificing style.

Misona uses processes you can trust, encouraging technology that will reduce the industry’s environmental footprint.

We have beautiful and comfortable organic cotton towels and absorbent bath mat options you won’t want to pass up.

Organic Cotton Towels by Misona

Misona's Quick Dry Bath Mat is made from Diatomite, which is a naturally occurring, soft sedimentary rock. It's very absorbent and will soak up excess water from your wet feet by the time you've grabbed your towel. No more dealing with soggy bath mats.

The bathmat goes from wet to dry in just minutes.

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You now have all the answers you need when it comes to how sustainable is cotton and where to buy the environmentally friendly and the best cotton products.

While there’s still a lot of work to be done when it comes to manufacturing cotton and producing cotton products, environmental groups continue to demand better regulations across the board when it comes to cotton sustainability.

This is why we continue to do our part and what we can by offering you organic and environmentally-friendly towels and bath mats.

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