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Is a Smart Bathroom a Smart Idea?
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Is a Smart Bathroom a Smart Idea?

Technology is moving forward and chances are - it's not stopping anytime soon. By now, we know we can expect all sorts of smart solutions to be a big hit in the world of bathroom design (and beyond) in 2024.

That's new. And rather surprising. Not that smart technology in itself is anything unusual; our minds just don't necessarily think about these solutions in the context of bathrooms.

What smart devices would you need in a bathroom? Does it even make any sense?

That's, of course, completely up to you. Yes, we've lived without them for years, but that can be said about plenty of things. It comes down to your budget, needs, expectations and willingness to learn how to use them.

They are typically very user-friendly as the goal is to make things more convenient and efficient for the owners, but still require some getting used to.

There's another aspect - the cost. It's actually never been cheaper to have some sort of smart technology in your house overall. That's the result of demand, which created variety, which, in turn, helped to launch products at different price points.

Of course, some of them are incredibly expensive - as relative as it may be. But then again, some are anything but.

What is a Smart Bathroom?

That's a good question but the answer is not particularly surprising. You have probably heard of a smart home, but what exactly is a smart bathroom?

In this world, it's all about communicating with your house, getting more control and optimisation as well as personalisation options.

Round Grey Speaker On Brown Board

So, in that sense, you're not going to find anything more than in any other room around the house.

But, of course, there is a difference. It lies mainly in the purpose of a given room. Bathrooms are unique in that sense, completely different from any other space at home.

They (typically!) don't have a TV or built-in speakers you'd need to adjust with your smartphone or using your voice.

But they do have showers. Showers have settings that you can change at will. And there's that added convenience. So, you're still going to be interacting with your house - only with different devices.

Convenience, security, savings - these are the three main areas of interest for smart bathroom solutions. Let's take a peek into the future!

Smart Toilet

They’re becoming increasingly popular and started getting some recognition - and no wonder.

Sleek design, typically much more compact compared to traditional models. It would be remiss not to mention the creme de la creme. The features. Hold on tight - this can be quite a ride.

Seat warmers may not be that impressive, but smart toilets now offer touch-free automatic lids, automatic flush, night lights, bidet function, and even speakers. Oh, and they're also self-cleaning and sometimes voice-controlled.

Whether you're a tech geek or sceptical about these things, you must admit - this does sound good.

But how much would a toilet like that set you back? That's where a lot of people lose interest.

The price can range anywhere from £1,600 to £10,500. These high-end Japanese toilets are not cheap, but do offer great value and bring a lot to the table; they use up much less water and they're far more hygienic.

And there's no denying they bring in an interesting aesthetic, as these toilets don’t just have futuristic features - they actually look the part as well.

Smart Shower

Here's another ground-breaking solution that provides next-level comfort. A simple shower routine can be quickly turned into a whole experience with smart showers.

Sometimes finding the right temperature can feel like trying to open a safe without a code - one false move and you're met with an arctic blast or the complete opposite of that.

With smart showers, not only can you do it remotely, but also save your settings. In fact, some models study your behaviour and preferences and adjust everything all on their own.

They use a thermostat to keep the steady temperature, also giving you control over the water flow rate. Moreover, you can expect up to 50% water and energy savings.

Photo of a Shower Head

One more thing - safety. With special limits in place, your kids will never risk getting burnt after playing around with a shower valve too much. And the price for all that? From around £160 to £2,000 or more, plus installation costs.

So, smart showers may be worth considering after all thanks to their energy efficiency and temperature control, saving you money on your utility bills in the long run.

Floor Heating

These special systems use thermal radiation to keep the perfect floor temperature in your bathroom, keeping your feet as well as your bamboo towels dry and warm all year round.

You get more control with precise adjustments, save space since no radiators are necessary and lower your bills. More comfort at a lower price.

Overall, since there's no single heat source it feels much better and evenly spread across your space.

You may be thinking that a bath mat is obsolete with this solution, but accidents happen, so a non-slip quick dry bath mat is still a good idea.

Smart Faucets

Much like your shower, you can also control the faucets with special smart solutions designed to reduce any water waste, pre-heat or pre-cool the water and make the fixture much more efficient.

Some models are hands-free and automatic, which also makes them much more hygienic, with fewer germs and bacteria.

That also means you won’t have to wash your organic cotton towels as often and you'll get to enjoy them for even longer!

Adjustable Privacy

Yes, it's possible with adjustable privacy shower glass, which you can turn on and off at will. Two settings - transparency and opacity.

The latter lets the natural light pass through but limits the vision just enough so you get the exact level of privacy you need. It's a great alternative to traditional curtains as it's a viable solution for tubs and showers alike.

Much easier to clean and maintain, these offer a unique, modern look on top of the obvious functional value.

Interactive Mirrors

Whether these are the fairest of them all or not - we'll leave that up to you. But a smart mirror can do things traditional mirrors can only dream of.

White Sink with Lit Up Mirror

Adjustable lighting - that's a given and hardly a new technology. But a built-in display, so that you can check the current weather report while brushing your teeth? Now, that's what we call a solution of tomorrow.

But there's more - traffic reports, news, updates. Music, YouTube, movies - the list goes on and on. Smart mirrors could be the way to go.

Flotation Tubs

This little piece of smart engineering follows the trend of adding spa-like elements to your bathroom - but takes it to another level.

These tubs or tanks give you a chance to experience another dimension of relaxation. You fill them up with saltwater, heat it up to a skin temperature, get in and float on the surface.

This kind of therapy is called sensory deprivation and it's known to help relieve pain, stress and anxiety, and detoxify your system.

Pair it up with a stone bath mat to keep things clean and sleek, and turn your bathroom into a futuristic relaxation zone.

Next-Gen Bathrooms

It's safe to say we're entering a new era of bathrooms, and we'll definitely be seeing more and more technologically advanced solutions to make our routines and environment as effortless and fun as possible.

These devices also aim at reducing waste and energy usage - how effectively though? Time will tell as they say. The benefits of smart bathrooms do seem highly promising.

It may not be the case right now, it may not be the case tomorrow, but in a not-so-far future, they're advanced features are very likely to help the planet and enhance everyone's bathroom experience.

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