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Design 101 – Level Up Your Shower
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Design 101 – Level Up Your Shower

There seems to be a consensus that taking a bath can only be relaxing… in a bathtub. Even the phrase - drawing oneself a nice bath – obviously refers to that solution, which would in turn imply a shower is an inferior option in this regard.

That couldn’t be more wrong.

A relaxing, soothing bathroom experience is very much possible. Showers are not just a common-sensical choice we make because of the limited space and water conservation.

There are simple ways and methods that you can use to effectively spruce up your shower routine.

There’s no way around it – of course, certain design aspects will make the biggest difference, which is also why we’d like to discuss them at length. But there’s no reason to disregard the power of accessories.

A nice set of organic towels combined with a matching natural bath mat can do a lot to both – the comfort and style of your space.

Finding the Right Frame

Let’s start with the basics. If you’re getting a shower, chances are you’re dealing with limited space – and that’s perfectly fine.

You might be thinking - there’s not that much variety, especially compared to tubs. Thankfully, you’d be wrong.

Walk-In Showers

The walk-in trend has been around for quite some time now. It offers a sleek look, perfect for modern spaces or those who love minimalism.

Clean lines, all-glass construction, with a spacious feel – no wonder these are such a hit.

Showers are often overlooked, especially when it comes to people with limited mobility or the elderly. But walk-in showers offer a great solution, increasing independence and overall convenience.

You can easily find curbless models that give this seamless, clean aesthetic, or curbed ones, often with raised floors, to contain water. With the right construction, you might even get something that works like a mini-tub.

Tub-Shower Combo

That brings us to the next point – a combination of the best of both worlds. It’s quite simple; a small, low-profile tub, often all tiled up, with either a glass enclosure or a simple curtain with an overhead railing.

A great choice if you need to get a quick shower every morning, but love to relax and draw yourself a bath over the weekend. You can do both.

Let’s not forget how versatile these can be. Since tiles are an option and probably the best choice for the tub-shower combination, you get countless design choices and styles.

For safety, it might be a good idea to add some railings – or a non-slip stone bath mat.

Corner Showers

These sound familiar, right? That’s because they are rather familiar, being featured in almost every household with a shower.

Yes, a corner shower is a very popular solution indeed. The design is driven mostly by functionality as it’s typically quite compact and simple.

It’s changed somewhat, with different styles available, like industrial-inspired enclosures that combine glass and steel.

Corner Shower Mat

If you’re dealing with a very small space, or there are certain structural and architectural limitations in your bathroom – this might be a way to go.

Battle-tested, reliable and functional. Let the shower do its job while you can use other trendy touches to spruce up your bathroom – like new tiles, a floating sink, bamboo bath towels, or a corner shower mat.

Alcove Showers

This type of shower can look quite similar to some of the walk-in showers you might have seen on the Internet. But the difference is that this is one fully enclosed.

It’s surrounded by three walls, so it may not be the most versatile option out there; it requires the right layout. It’s often curbed and features a glass door.

Designed as a space-saving solution, it offers a unique look and tons of convenience, with possible in-wall storage space or a small shower bench. Definitely worth considering – if you’ve got the space for it!

Finding the Right Flow

Apart from the style and structure, there’s one more thing – perhaps an even more important one. It’s the fixture.

Aesthetics are fine, and we all like it when things look nice, but when you’re in the shower, you can’t really see the enclosure or what it looks like from the outside. Now, all you want is to relax.

And that depends on quite a few factors, for example, how easy to use and convenient your showerhead is. You need to find the right flow.


This one’s a real looker! The actual water flow and intensity would depend on specific models, so let’s just focus on what they have to offer in general.

Close up of Rainfall Shower Head

It’s usually a large overhead showerhead, dispersing water in a wide, cascading pattern to imitate that experience of being caught in a gentle rain – in a much more favourable setting.

The water literally runs down your body, no need to deal with a hand-held showerhead. It’s very relaxing, convenient – and stylish. So why not consider a rain shower head.

Body Showers

Looking for a bit of luxury? Body showers, also known as massage showers or body jet showers, offer just that!

These models feature multiple small nozzles or jets positioned along the walls of the shower enclosure, which release streams of water at various intensities and angles.

The idea here is to feel a gentle massage. The water jets target different areas of the body, helping to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation - and relax to the fullest.

They're customisable, so you get to choose the right intensity and pressure. Some models even offer different massage settings, such as pulsating or oscillating jets.


Steam showers offer a spa-like experience right in your own bathroom!

The centrepiece of a steam shower is the built-in steam generator, which fills the enclosure with a warm, invigorating mist. It’s kind of like a sauna experience at home!

Woman in a Steam Room

The warmth and humidity help to open up your pores, cleanse your skin, and ease muscle tension, providing plenty of health benefits.

Some steam showers even come equipped with seating, so you can fully relax and unwind as the steam works its magic.

With customisable settings through a control panel, you can adjust the temperature and duration of the steam session to suit your preferences. Plus, many steam showers offer additional features like aromatherapy and chromotherapy to enhance the overall experience.

Going with the Flow

With the right tools, you can build your own little Spa retreat at home. Get creative with the style, but don’t forget for a second what it’s all about – a you time. You need a space to relax and unwind.

Surround yourself with natural materials, use candles, aromatherapy, and treat yourself to some high-quality shower products, like essential oils and bath salts.

All of this combined is a bulletproof method to a much-needed stress reliever, creating a soothing atmosphere in all bathrooms.

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