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Design 101 – Tile Tales
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Design 101 – Tile Tales

It seems like bathrooms are finally getting the recognition and attention they deserve. And with modern technology, we get to enjoy more options than ever.

Even better, we get to mix the old, vintage design language with contemporary properties and functionality, combining the best of both worlds.

Exciting times.

A stone bath mat, as a reminder - this kind of bath mat dries quickly (merely 60 seconds), is the perfect embodiment of that idea – something traditional that’s been around for a very long time, but with a modern twist that elevates the original product, making it more sustainable, functional and stylish.

A Water Splash on a Stone Bath Mat

That’s an upgrade if there ever was one.

But these are details – just finishing touches when you’re renovating or building your bathroom. The time for micro-decisions will come; you have to look at the big picture first.

Sure, there’s an issue of limitations, which in most cases are simply called the budget. But once you settle on this, there’s a whole design direction you need to decide on.

Despite a plethora of options, this can go down one of two ways. You either rely on your taste entirely or go with what interior designers say is trendy this year.

Hitting the Wall

It’s important to set the record straight at the very start. You don’t actually have that many options.

Sure, if your bathroom could easily sit a family of 5, then yes, you can add whatever you like.

For most of us, it’s a matter of fitting all the essentials in somehow. A shower or a tub, a toilet, a sink, perhaps a mirror and some cabinet or moderately-sized storage unit. And that’s probably where it hits you – the walls.

That’s all you’re left with. 

Writings On the Wall

So, now it’s time to make up your mind. And what a decision it is!

Just because it’s only one thing, it doesn’t mean it’s small – especially in terms of the actual surface.

In fact, this might be the most important one for your entire bathroom. You have to think about more than just style, although it’s definitely one of the points of consideration.

While on the topic, this one decision is also very likely to determine everything – the colour palette, the style and design of various fixtures, as well as all the hardware.

Modern bathroom with modern fixture in light colors

With all the water and humidity, you want something durable, robust and effective. Something that can withstand these rather unique and challenging conditions compared to the rest of the house.

And thankfully, interior designers of the world delivered the perfect answer for 2024 – tiles.

Tile Renaissance

Let’s make one thing clear here – bathroom tiles are nothing new. Compared to the new wave of bathroom accessories, they’re actually ancient. The modern design was inspired by subway tiles introduced in the early 1900s.

And although they’ve not been exactly unpopular, they’re enjoying a huge spike in popularity these days.

When the consumers demand, the market delivers, and with this newfound or re-ignited appreciation, we’re now seeing such a wide variety of different options.

That’s the cause of all the headache. But also – all the fun.

Shapes & Sizes

The first decision you have to make is the size of your tiles. Of course, treat this simple rule of thumb with a grain of salt. This is not a legal document, and you won’t be persecuted if choose to go the other way.

Large tiles can be a good addition to smaller bathrooms as they make the space look a bit bigger and less cluttered for a simple reason – fewer lines.

Interior Design of Comfort Room with Large Tiles

That also means less cleaning to do because when it comes to tiles, these grout lines are the biggest pain to keep nice and tidy.

Don’t forget you can do both – a lot of people go for a mixed look with larger tiles on the floor and the smaller ones on the walls or in the shower as an accent feature.

As far as shapes go, we’ve got regular and unbeatable rectangular and square tiles or some more adventurous ones – like triangle or full-on mosaic patterns.

Material Witness

Another aspect you should definitely consider is the actual material your tiles are made of. And again – we’ve got a serious range of options in this department as well.


What’s not to love here? They’re great – easy to clean, hassle-free, very durable and quite affordable, with good moisture and odour resistance.

A suitable choice for flooring and walls; makes a quite charming addition to pretty much any bathroom.

If you’re a DIYer, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re quite easy to cut.


A very popular choice as well – and no wonder. They’re also durable and sturdy, with excellent scratch and stain resistance.

In that regard, they’re even stronger than ceramic, thanks to a special treatment process with the use of high pressure and temperatures.


Everybody knows marble – everybody loves it. Apart from the price, perhaps.

Interior of a Modern Bathroom with Marble Tiles

Yes, there’s no denying it’s stunningly beautiful but very pricey.

As a luxurious material, it elevates the look of the whole bathroom, adding texture and undeniable charm.


A staple in Spanish-style homes, this one’s definitely a looker. The only issue is that it’s not exactly ideal in bathroom settings.

Terracotta is a type of ceramic material and as such it’s porous, which makes it more susceptible to water damage.

It doesn’t mean you can’t use them as accents or feature walls – apart of course from the shower walls.

They can be sealed for added protection, but there are better and more durable options for that.


Similarly to terracotta, this choice is for someone who simply likes the aesthetic.

In terms of value and practicality – you’re not going to get your money’s worth.

It’s still a unique and appealing choice that adds depth and originality. Best to leave it for accents and feature walls.


Now we’re back on track with the “functionality meets aesthetics” philosophy.

Limestone is a type of natural stone that’s both very durable and, simply put, beautiful.

If you like the natural look, with some natural wood, and spa-like eco towels, this is probably the best choice.

Much cheaper than marble and not as heavy – also in terms of aesthetics.


The last pick is for all the sustainability enthusiasts out there. That’s because it’s made of renewable, VOC-free and biodegradable materials.

A unique mixture of linseed oil, wood flour, cork powder and more. It’s also inexpensive, easy to keep clean, water-resistant and naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, making it a great flooring option that stays in tune with the whole eco-friendly vibe.

Throw in some bamboo towels and accessories, and you’ve got yourself a stunning little spa.

Trend Pattern

Obviously, everybody likes what they like. But there are certain big trends that are currently all the rage in the world of bathroom tiles.

Here are some of the most popular ones...

Bold Hues

We’re seeing more colour everywhere, pushing out the minimalist neutral hues. Bathrooms follow this very trend with greens, blues, or even industrial-inspired copper browns and more.

If you find the uniform monochromatic design a bit bland and boring, we’ve got some good news for you - you’ll find plenty of more intriguing options on the market this year.

Vertical Lines

Narrow-lined tiles create an upscale and elegant uniform look that’s both stylish and simple.

Chair near wall with ceramic tile and white placard

It’s very likely to make a big splash on the bathroom interior design scene in 2024.

Different materials, sizes and textures make this deceptively uncomplicated pattern a truly versatile gem.

Artistic Motifs

Yes, more colour, more pattern – and more art. Floral motifs are most likely to be a hot commodity but not only those.

These hand-painted, Mediterranean-inspired themes are so charming, that a lot of people choose to feature them also in their bathrooms – either as a backsplash, shower walls or simple accents. They work best on small to medium tiles.

Small Mosaic

Speaking of charming Mediterranean-like motifs – mosaic.

Gray and Black Hive Printed Textile

You get to play around and have some fun with it – from full-blown artwork and actual paintings to different colour combinations or simple, monochromatic looks in slightly bolder hues.

Thick Grout

Normally grout lines are perceived as an afterthought. But that’s about to change.

They do have plenty of untapped potential to add visual interest.

Bright and clear contrast paired with a bit more unique, let’s say hexagonal-shaped tiles, can be an intriguing combination.

Tiles of the Trade

Tiles are an incredibly convenient and versatile solution for bathroom walls and floors.

They work great as feature pieces or accents as well as full-on themes. They dictate the feel and look of the whole space. On top of that, they’re fairly easy to clean, with hassle-free maintenance.

Whatever styles you prefer, don’t forget about all the bathroom must-haves. Towels, mats, racks, dispensers – in a modern bathroom they are so much more than just utilitarian pieces. They make a perfect finishing touch – a chef’s kiss if you will.

Our range of eco-friendly goodness is sure to fit any style – from rustic and more traditional bathrooms to luxurious and modern spaces!

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