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Design 101 – Small Bathroom Edition
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Design 101 – Small Bathroom Edition

Welcome to yet another interior design lesson. As always, we’re sticking to what we know – and that’s bathrooms.

Now, with the rise of Spa-like features, the market is overflowing with interesting choices, making us rethink the way we style and even perceive these spaces.

It’s much easier to find something you like and can comfortably coordinate in your bathroom. They don’t need a whole lot to look completely different.

Still, that comes with a range of challenges. It’s easy to overdo it and clutter your already limited space with accessories that bring no value.

It’s important not to get lost in the ocean of options, as great-looking and enticing as they can be, and – not lose sight of what this room is supposed to be. And that’s functional space.

Sure, it’s nice to relax in there and have some extra touches that will make it easier, but that’s all they should be – touches.

The good news is they can make all the change in the world. But what if that already compact space gets even smaller?

Small Space, Big Potential

Believe it or not - small bathrooms have so much untapped potential. But there are certain rules for success.

All we’ve said so far about making accessories count and prioritising functionality applies here as well. Except it’s even more crucial.

But no reason to get discouraged – just because your bathroom is very small, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a dull, lifeless décor.

You may not be able to fit in the freestanding bathtub you always dreamed of, but it’s not the end of the world.

Plus, carefully planning out every single piece and, to a certain extent, a layout can be really fun.

But let’s get to the point. Here’s what you can do to maximise the space and get the most use out of it.

Fool Me Once…

The first piece of advice involves dabbling with a long-forgotten magical and mystical art. Illusion. And just the slightest touch of deceit.

It’s all about making your space feel bigger and creating a sense of space and openness. That’s it. And there are quite a few ways of using it to your advantage.


Natural light is your best friend and windows are your guarantee to get it, so ideally you should have plenty of it.

Modern bathroom interior with panoramic window

Most bathrooms at home do feature a window, so if you’re one of the lucky bunch – you’re halfway there. If not, don't worry, there are other ways.


While we’re on the subject of natural light and windows, perhaps a skylight is a viable choice for you?

Obviously, it all depends on the layout and your setting, but it quite literally floods the space with light.

Go All White

White or off-white is the best colour to open up your space – it reflects light, which is why the whole room feels much brighter and, as a result, bigger.

You can actually use the fact the space is limited to your advantage – by, for instance, splashing out on some quality and stunning tiles.

Let’s not forget this is just about the most versatile background for any accents.

Mirror On the Wall

Yes, these are great and offer the best bang-for-buck illusion effect we’re after.

Interior of modern bathroom with glowing mirror

If possible, mirror the entire wall – you may want to even consider the floor-to-ceiling models; this works particularly well in truly tiny bathrooms.


In the absence of natural light, we have to make do on our own. That means lighting fixtures.

Sconces on a mirror are often a good idea since they direct light exactly where it needs to go, especially if you follow our advice about getting a large one.

It’s also a chance to add some sophistication by opting for more elegant or vintage-inspired models.

Store It Right

Another extremely important thing is picking smart storage solutions.

No matter what we’re dealing with, you need a place to keep all your bathroom essentials, like organic bamboo towels, and your spare absorbent bath mat, as well as a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap dispenser and more.

Functionality first, remember? Here are some interesting options that can help you fit as much as possible while taking up as little as possible.

Floating Sink

That’s a real space-saver and a great alternative to vanity and pedestal sinks. They’re available in plenty of different designs and give you extra space for a small cupboard beneath.

Bathroom with stylish mirror and sink

Some would say it’s actually a waste of space, but you get an extra layer – kind of like a countertop, while still having a traditional storage space with drawers or shelves.

Floating Shelves

Keeping with the floating theme, you may consider a shelf of this type for your sink-side essentials.

It can be placed below most mirrors or on other walls as well - all depends on what kind of setup you’ve got.

Secret Chamber

In-wall cabinets are a perfect solution for small bathrooms. They can help you save plenty of space, replacing shelves and traditional cabinets.

But there’s one big problem – it’s just not always an option. Certain architectural and structural limitations can be too much.

Clean Job

Small space means you need very specific types of bathroom fixtures – like showers, and yes, bathtubs. This is probably the most important thing.

Storage, cabinets, shelves… You can pretty much take them or leave them. With a truly tiny space, things like your eco towels or large bamboo bath sheets, even some beauty products can just be stored in a different room. But not a shower.

Beauty of Small Things

We did mention a tub is an option – and we stand by it.

A freestanding mini slipper tub should easily fit into pretty much any bathroom, no matter how small it is. A great solution for someone who’s not ready to give up soaking.

It’s still quite comfortable for most people despite the smaller size.

Glass Shower

The best solution for small bathrooms is a walk-in shower with glass doors and walls. It’s light, subtle and doesn’t turn the attention away from other elements.

Interior of stylish bathroom in cottage

Regular showers create this visual focal point, especially in tiny spaces.

Glass shower doors can take care of that. If you’re big on saving more space, add a shower niche or a bench where you can sit comfortably or store your shower essentials.

No Need to Go Big

You can still create your perfect bathroom and a truly charming and fully functional space that’s comfortable enough for you to actually enjoy it.

With well-placed and fitting solutions, you can make it happen. It does require some thought and planning but as you can clearly see – there’s an answer to every problem!

And even though floor space maybe limited in a smaller bathroom, there are options for bath mats like our Stone Bath Mat, which at 39 x 60cm, isn't as big as a traditional bath mat, is space saving and its contemporary design and minimalist look makes a welcome addition to any bathroom.

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