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Misona Top Rated Bath Towels – A Buyer’s Guide

Misona Top Rated Bath Towels – A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect towel for you, your skin and the planet.

There are quite a few different types of towels - so, there are a few simple factors to bear in mind.

Are they soft, comfortable, highly absorbent and cost-effective? If they're stylish and sustainable, too, that's a bonus.

More commonly, people will go for an obvious choice, like 100% cotton or polyester bath towels, which are popular because they're readily available and reasonably cheap.

They may not be aware of the better choices which offer numerous benefits over traditional bath towels and bath mats.

And that's where Misona makes a difference. We are on a journey to change the bath industry and help people make more informed choices around the towels and bath mats they pick.

Smoky Blue Bamboo Towels

Our Bamboo towels lead the way for style and sustainability, right from the plantation, all the way to your bathroom.

Bamboo is a relative newcomer to the UK bath towel market that has started gaining popularity recently because of its significant health and environmental benefits.

The majority of bamboo bath towels come with eye-watering price tags because of their quality; however, we make our own high-quality bamboo towels that are affordable for the cost-conscious customer without sacrificing style. 

We aim to deliver the perfect bathroom experience, and we all know there's nothing more satisfying than stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a soft, warm, cosy towel. But it doesn't stop there.

Bamboo is Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Unlike cotton towels that carry grime and invisible bacteria until they're washed (yuk), our Bamboo Towels have super-power germ-fighting properties; and are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so nasty bugs hate it.

And because Bamboo is essentially a type of grass, it's natural, so if you have sensitive skin, it's the perfect towel choice for you. Not forgetting that eco-friendly bamboo bath towels are great for the planet too.

Bamboo Towels

Here's a quick rundown of why Bamboo bath towels are the best choice if you're looking for sustainable bathroom inspiration...

Fastest Growing Plant

Bamboo is a record-breaking plant, which features in the Guinness Book of World Records. With some species of Bamboo growing 35 inches in one day, this makes Bamboo a great sustainable resource to use.

Needing no more than sunlight and rainwater to grow, it's no surprise that Bamboo Fabric is the most eco-friendly option for Towels. Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides that are often used for growing cotton.

The manufacturing process of making Bamboo Towels also produces a far smaller Carbon Footprint than Cotton Towels.

Outstanding Benefits of Bamboo Towels

Is Bamboo Eco-Friendly?

  • Bamboo is incredibly planet-friendly and sustainable.

  • Bamboo towels need less washing and can be washed at low temperatures (less wasted energy and water consumption).

  • Bamboo towels dry 2 x quicker than cotton or synthetic alternatives.

  • 10 x more Bamboo can be produced per square meter compared to cotton.

Hygienic & Long-lasting Freshness

  • Naturally occurring antibacterial properties.

  • Odour Resistant.

  • Stain Resistant.

Gentle On Skin

  • Bamboo leaves your skin feeling pure and nourished.

  • Incredibly soft touch.

  • Cheap towels made from synthetic materials can cause skin irritation, rashes and breakouts; bamboo is safe for sensitive skin.

Made To Last

  • Bamboo is as durable and strong as it is soft & plush.

  • Bamboo is resistant to fading, shrinking and stains.

Co-ordinate your Bathroom

Because your bathroom is a place of serenity where you want to soak up time relax, staring at an awkward mishmash of odd towels is a great way to upset the mood.

Even if you don't have OCD, you'll want your bamboo bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels and face cloths to match - especially in the guest bathroom! And don't forget a coordinated bath mat can bring it all together.

Looking to go the extra mile and complete your bathroom with a sustainable bath mat? Look no further than our Diatomite Bath Mat.

Coming in four colours, you'll find a match to compliment your bathroom décor.

Made from Diatomite, a naturally occurring, soft, sedimentary rock, our Diatomite mat offers supreme absorbency as it goes from wet to dry in around 60 seconds.

Diatomite Bath Mat

Better still, you will save electricity, water and laundry detergent as this mat doesn't require being washed like traditional bath mats.

If you're keen to find out more and are perhaps considering investing in one for yourself, click here to find out all the information you need.

We know Bamboo wins for material, softness, absorbency and hypoallergenic/antibacterial qualities, so what else makes a perfect bath towel?

Don't Count on Higher Thread Count

Because towels are measured by GSM (grams per square metre), having a higher thread count doesn't make one towel better than another.

Unlike bedding, thread count is an old-fashioned and now redundant way to measure towel quality; indeed, a higher thread-count towel is more tightly woven, so it will lose any benefit of absorption and quick-drying ability.

Well, now you know, look for high GSM!

Chemicals (eek)

Whilst new technology and improved processes are moving in the right direction, many towels are still made using chemicals that can harm your skin and body.

Some methods involve treating materials, like cotton or synthetics, with chemical finishes to stop shrinking, wrinkling, and bobbling when they are washed.

And even though these end products are sold as safe, they can still contain parabens (micro-plastics) and microscopic traces of chemicals. Bamboo doesn't contain any of these!

The best way to ensure your bath towel set is free of chemicals and/or harmful substances is to buy from one of the reputable brands, like Misona, carrying a OEKO-TEX Certification.

OEKO-TEX certifies that the product has been tested for toxic substances and is, therefore, harmless for human health and safe to use.

Switch to Bamboo Cotton

With delicate skin in mind, these are the best bamboo towels for you. Perfect for putting your mind at ease when stepping out of the shower - not having to stress about any rashes or allergies from traditional cotton towels that aren't kind to sensitive skin.

When switching up your current bath towels, for a fresh new set, it's eye-opening to learn how easily small changes in your home can make a perfect eco-friendly alternative.

By being that little more conscious of the great differences you can make, the Global Warming Crisis can be drastically prevented.

So, next time you're shopping for a new set of towels for your bathroom, think planet first.

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