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What Is A Diatomaceous Earth Mat?

What Is A Diatomaceous Earth Mat?

What is diatomate earth mat? In a word - a solution to constantly wet, stained or slippery bathroom floor.

Everyone has wet feet and slippers after showering. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a solid bath mat to dry the soles of your feet and prevent your bathroom floor from becoming wet.

However, traditional floor mats made from cotton or synthetics, have limited water absorption, so you may leave water stains on your bathroom floor after some steps.

Misona Diatomite Bath Mat

Not sure how to dry bath mat after shower? Fortunately, you don't have to in this case as diatomite bath mats exist to prevent your bathroom floor from getting wet.

They are made from ceramic-like material that contains millions of micropores. As such, they are highly absorbent and leave your feet dry and clean in seconds.

This simple and aesthetically pleasing accessory can be placed under the sink or outside your shower area, wherever suits your bathroom decor.

What is diatomaceous or diatomite?

The main question on your mind right now might be: "what is diatomaceous earth?".

Diatomite, also called diatomaceous earth, is a naturally occurring, soft, fossilised diatom that can be crumbled into a white powder.

This fossil originates from the Cretaceous period and mostly inhabits oceans and lakes.

What is diatomite?

Diatomaceous earth is deposited over the years, making it a sedimentary deposit and naturally occurring. It is made up of almost 100% silica.

The Greeks were the first to use diatomite more than 20 centuries ago in brickwork and pottery.

Many diatomite deposits exist worldwide today, but it is rare to find commercially viable ones due to their high purity.

Diatomite gets its value from its high porosity, large surface area, low density, and insulation properties. It is also valued for its high silica content, abrasiveness and absorptive capacity which makes it useful in cleaning up spills in the industrial, automotive, and janitorial industries.

Therefore, it is perhaps no surprise that diatomaceous earth stone bath mats exist to absorb moisture in today's bathrooms.

What are the benefits of using this material in a bath mat?

Many of diatomaceous earth's benefits make it ideal for use in a bath mat.

For starters, it has numerous small holes that enable it to absorb and hold a lot of water which is the primary function of a bath mat.

Consequently, a diatomaceous earth mat can absorb water off your feet within seconds immediately after you step out of the shower or bathtub.

The watermarks will quickly vanish, and your bathroom will always remain dry and fresh.

Furthermore, a diatomaceous earth bath mat is non-slip due to its brushed texture which gives it a natural grip.

Therefore, it will not slip on the ground when stepped on, protecting you and your family from falls that can easily occur with traditional mats.

This anti-slip mat will absorb and disperse water from your feet, preventing it from pooling in wet spots.

As an added precaution, we will supply all of our Earthstone Bath Mats with a sheet of non-slip underlay, to ensure that you and your family are kept safe at all times.

Diatomite has a pleasant texture which makes it not only practical, but also comfortable.

Many users, who give diatomite bath mat reviews, say that stepping on this mat after showering feels like standing on a cool, slate-like surface that gives your freshly washed feet an organic and soothing feeling.

Additionally, diatomite bath mats are 100% natural, making it difficult for mould and bacteria to accumulate.

Diatomaceous earth in its raw state attracts and traps parasites and bacteria, causing them to shrink and die.

Since this kind of stone bath mat dries quickly, it can also aid in eliminating bacteria and mould from humid environments.

Finally, diatomaceous earth mats retain their cleanliness and water absorbency with simple, regular maintenance, compared to traditional bath mats that will need to be washed daily to prevent bacteria growth.

What are the ecological benefits of diatomaceous earth mats?

Diatomaceous bath mat cleaning is relatively straightforward since you can wipe it down with a wet cloth or sponge. Therefore, you won't have to wash it frequently in a washing machine saving you time and money.

It is no secret that washing machine use affects the environment in numerous ways due to water and energy wastage, chemical pollution, and increased carbon footprint.

The simple cleaning process can be one of the 'little things' that help you make a difference.

Running Water

Furthermore, most absorbent bath mat options available on the market have 100% organic composition.

This means they are produced from naturally occurring materials like diatomaceous earth, hydrated lime, and wood or vegetable fibres.

It is important to note that no industrial chemicals are used in the production process.

Diatomaceous earth mats also have the capability to absorb odours at home, making them more pleasant, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

For instance, formaldehyde is a toxic and pungent-smelling gas present in some building materials, household products like glue, and fuel-burning appliances.

Diatomaceous bath mats can absorb formaldehyde from the air and, in turn, keep your family safe.

How to care for & clean the product

If you are wondering how to clean your diatomite bath mat, you are not alone.

Some experts even believe that you don't need to wash it because it naturally regulates humidity and curbs fungal and germ growth.

Nevertheless, you can simply wipe it down with a wet cloth to eliminate any powdered residue.

You can wash it under running water every two weeks to remove accumulated dust or residue. As well as this, use a brush or the sandpaper we provide to gently scrub away any stains, and put the mat in a well-ventilated area so it can dry quickly.

The Misona Earthstone Bath Mat comes with a small sheet of sandpaper included so you can maintain your mat’s appearance with ease.

Misona Diatomaceous Mats Colours


This cool and vibrant pale shade of blue can be made by adding white paint to a blue base.


Being an intermediate colour between white and black, grey is recognised as a neutral, earthy colour. Grey mimics the colour of lead, ash, and a cloud-covered sky.

Diatomite Bath Mat in Blue, Grey, Marble and Off White


Marble is a colour blend that contains white and a cross-section of different shades of grey and black.


Off-white varies from a very light grey, caramel or pale-white colour with brownish undertones.

In summary, a diatomite earth mat is a highly absorbent, non-slip mat made from diatomaceous earth.

It is both antimicrobial and eco-friendly which allows it to keep your bathroom dry and clean, and makes it an ideal replacement for your traditional bath mat.

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