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What Do Bathroom Designers Have in Store for Us in 2024?
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What Do Bathroom Designers Have in Store for Us in 2024?

The world of design – interior design or otherwise – is a dynamic one.

Ever-changing trends, new big things and must-haves, colour combinations… It’s really hard to keep up. But don’t worry – you don’t have to. And we’re not here to talk about high fashion either.

It’s quite clear that the way we see our living space has changed in recent years. And bathrooms are part of that space. This probably has something to do with the global pandemic – it hit us pretty hard.

That’s also when our homes became our whole world for almost a year – whether we liked it or not.

We started thinking about comfort more, not just practicality. The way things look and feel became more important. After all, our surroundings directly affect our mental state.

That shift had an influence on every room around the house, but it was the bathroom that went through the biggest change of all.

Pure functionality was no longer the one and only concern. That’s why we started seeing more and more features to give a spa-like experience, new bamboo bathroom accessories and solutions. Luxurious bathrooms are no longer a rarity.

Style, much like luck, is a fickle lady. And there’s only one remedy to that – thorough research, like one conducted by the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association). They surveyed almost 600 industry professionals to determine emerging new bathroom trends and those that are soon to be a thing of the past.

Modern Minimalism

For those of you wondering what ever happened to modern minimalism, we’re here to put your minds at ease – it’s still very much alive and well. And with it, all its characteristic features we’ve grown to love – from simple lines, neutral colours with a splash of earthy tones to natural materials.

It’s all about serenity and tranquillity – the aim is to build a space for kicking back and relaxing. That’s why spa-like features and accessories are all welcome additions.

Gray and White Tiled Bathroom

Eco friendly materials like bamboo bath towels, organic cotton towels or an absorbent bath mat made from natural and sustainable materials fit into this design language perfectly. This is what you need to create that Zen-like modern oasis.

If you’re bored with the concept, you’ll be happy to hear it’s evolving to a certain degree. The brand-new addition is a wet room, which is a waterproofed and tanked bathroom with a special drain system in the shower or bathtub area.

A Splash of Colour

Yes, that’s right. Your eyes are not playing a trick on you – a splash of colour.

Even though minimalism is still very much in style, people started craving something a little bit more exciting. Bolder. More quirky. More edgy. Even the whites are getting warmer with their more off-white or beige undertones.

What else? Well, geometric patterns with wall and floor tiles, not necessarily colourful ones – it’s more about their arrangement, like herringbone, basketweave and chevron. Funky tiles – both large and small ones. A fun and playful plant-inspired wallpaper.

Tiled Wall of a Bathroom

Earthy hues are still reigning but we’ll be seeing some pops of colours here and there – and it’s already a step away from a full-on monochromatic look. Those days seem to be gone. Apparently, peachy tones are going to be all the rage this upcoming year.

We’re now slowly shifting towards the idea of a luxurious cocoon accentuated by fluted finishes, rich timber tones as well as stones in deeply hued versions.

Green for the Win

As we’ve already mentioned, all-white bathrooms are slowly falling out of favour. Of course, that doesn’t mean white is out of style. It’s timeless, after all.

Nevertheless, in 2024, we can expect more green hues in our bathroom spaces. By all accounts, the natural biophilic-inspired design is going to be the next big thing - either in the form of individual elements or full-on feature walls.

Interior of bathroom with washbasin and mirror

That’s not a bad choice – as a matter of fact, green is actually very relaxing for the eyes. Let’s also not forget how elegant deep green is. A luxurious, yet calming presence.

Plus, we can easily coordinate with other pieces - like eco towels, to keep up with the theme. Exciting times for bathroom design are coming indeed.

Broken Glass

You may or may not have heard about glass shower doors but it’s actually one of the biggest trends of recent years in the world of bathroom décor. It’s a great way to keep the room open and section off the actual shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

Well, we’re moving away from this one. Especially those exposed glass cube models, often placed in the corner.

Modern bathroom with bath and sink

In 2024, we can expect a lot of no-door showers or open ones with a curb-less transition to the rest of the area.

Crystal clear, frameless glass panels are likely to be the weapon of choice in this configuration, pushing away the frosted or smoked ones, which have been quite a popular choice so far.

All About the Tiles

As we’ve mentioned, tiles are always a great choice for bathrooms, so it’s hard to talk about making a comeback per se. Nevertheless, we can expect to see more of them in high-end and trendy bathroom spaces.

Minimalism is quite strict – it does incorporate tiles but in a simple, often large-scale form. That’s quite limiting for such a versatile way to decorate your bathroom floor and walls.

Since we’re moving away from the constraints of modern minimalism as well, we’re going to see much more original and more playful choices – like stacked subway tiles, textured tiles and wet walls with different, mostly geometric arrangements.

Shedding New Light with Smart Bathrooms

Phones, cars, homes – they’re all getting smarter. So, it was only a matter of time before bathrooms were finally going to give in and follow suit. And why not? They too can benefit from all the possibilities today’s technology has to offer.

White Sink with Round Lit Up Mirror

With that said – it’s mostly about smart mirrors for the time being. Mood lighting has become somewhat of a hit, so naturally, this is the main focus – especially considering it can be easily adjusted with a dedicated app.

Backlit mirrors are going to be particularly popular with some unexpected additions – like under-cabinet mood lighting.

Artistic Touch

The days of coy, reserved design choices are not exactly over – but we’re breaking the pattern, that’s for sure.

Next year we can expect something that bathrooms hardly ever feature. It’s artwork.

Interior Design of a Bathroom with Artwork on the Wall

Maybe not necessarily paintings (although who knows) but some original pieces, with decorative wall sconces and – brace yourself – mini chandeliers. Yes, the elegant, perhaps a bit over-the-top look is making a big comeback.

The Power of Accessories

Naturally, less impressively-sized elements tend to be overlooked, but in a space as small as a bathroom – they bring even more value and have the power to truly transform and elevate the entire space.

Use these accents wisely to build a well-coordinated, personalised oasis. With a timeless colour palette and sustainable organic materials, our products are a perfect choice for every trend, style and design language.

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