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Differences between bath mat and bath rug

Differences between bath mat and bath rug

Recent polls show that, on average, people tend to spend around 30 minutes a day in their bathrooms, which totals up to an incredible 416 days over a lifetime!

Undoubtedly, we all think of this room of the house as an oasis of comfort, relaxation, and self-care.

And yet, on average, families spruce up their bathrooms only once every five years. It's one room in the home that can often get neglected when it comes to refurbishment and redecoration.

Luckily, you don’t need to undergo costly and time-consuming renovation projects to make your bathroom more comfortable, functional, and stylish - the secret is in the details.

Differences between bath mat and bath rug - white bath rug

For example, a high-quality bath rug or mat might be all you need to add colour and texture, and avoid dangerous slippery surfaces which can cause injury. But what would work better for your bathroom?

In this guide by Misona, you’ll find everything you need to know about the key differences between a mat and a rug for your bathroom - and essential tips to make the right choice for your home!

Bath Mat vs. Bath Rug: An Overview

Before diving into the differences between a bath mat and a bath rug, let’s take a moment to simply clarify what these two items are:

  • Bath Mat - bath mats are functional items designed to prevent wet floors and lower the risk of injuries related to slippery surfaces. They are usually highly absorbent, thicker, and non-skid, and are destined to be placed in front of the shower, bathtub, or sink.

  • Bath Rug - bath rugs are usually thinner, softer, and more stylish. While some bath rugs can offer some absorbency features, they are mainly designed to be a design or aesthetic addition to the bathroom.

Looking to combine the features of bath rugs and mats? Misona’s absorbent bath mat collection is both stylish and sustainable making the perfect combination for your home bathroom.

3 Key Differences To Keep in Mind

So, bath mats and rugs might be similar in many aspects, but there are also some radical differences to keep in mind before choosing what is right for you. Find the most critical ones below:


According to recent statistics, 2.7 million people in the UK visit the emergency room every single year due to home accidents, and slips remain among the top culprits.

At the same time, repairing water damage can cost up to £30,000. Luckily, choosing the right bath mat for your home can save you from both risks and also prevent those post shower puddles!

A highly absorbent, non-skid and antibacterial bath mat - such as Misona’s Diatomite Bath Mat - can prevent water from becoming a threat to your family’s health and your home’s integrity. All this without having you compromise on style!

Misona Diatomite Bath Mat - Off White

Bath rugs, on the other hand, are not designed with functionality in mind, and their main task is to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics and fit in or give an update to any bathroom theme.


Another difference to keep in mind is in the material used to craft the bath mats.

The best materials for bath mats must have some essential features such as being:

  • Non-slip - anti slip backing keeps your mat securely in place even on a wet floor, providing an anti slip surface.
  • Antibacterial - bamboo towels & bath mats are naturally hypo-allergenic and mildew free.
  • Easy to clean or wipe - saving water and energy.
  • Quick-drying - easy care instructions to keep the mat in pristine condition.
  • Sustainable and with a low footprint - such as an organic bath mat.

Some of the materials that tick these boxes include memory foam, cotton, bamboo, and microfiber. A revolutionary material worth mentioning is diatomite, which, thanks to its ultra-absorbent properties, is becoming more and more common in bathrooms across the country.

Diatomaceous Earth - used to make ultra absorbent bath mats

On the other hand, bath rugs are designed to add comfort and texture to your bathroom. Some of the premium materials used in bath rug design include 100% organic cotton, wool, or chenille.

Organic cotton bath mats tend to be beautifully soft, have a more luxurious feel, and are crafted with cotton that is sustainably sourced and ethically made.


Bath rugs and bath mats often differ in design.

Bath rugs are often much more aesthetically appealing and should be chosen to enhance the decor of your bathroom and your bathroom floor. They can provide a focal point or even be a statement piece in a more muted setting.

Depending on your personal preference, you might also match your organic cotton towels to your rugs to give your bathroom a co-ordinated look and feel.

Organic Cotton Towels - Sustainable

Mats, on the other hand, are often chosen for their efficiency rather than for their style. Nonetheless, you can always find an option to fit your bathroom’s design.

The Perfect Balance Between Style and Functionality With Misona’s Organic Bath Mats

Are you struggling to choose between the two options? With Misona’s organic bath mat, you don’t have to!

Available in a wide range of colours and handcrafted to the highest standards, this instant dry bath mat adds comfort and texture to your bathroom experience - but it also dries up wet feet and prevents you from slipping!

Both bath mats in the Misona Collection offer non-skid features and are sure to add warmth, style and durability to your home.

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