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5 reasons to support sustainable manufacturing
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5 reasons to support sustainable manufacturing

Sustainability may seem like a very fashionable topic right now, but if we look beyond the trendsetting capabilities of sustainability, we have to remember that sustainability is an essential practice for everybody.

The fact is that we all need to support responsible and sustainable manufacturing as consumers and whether it's opting for sustainable homeware or finding the right company to purchase from, what are the best reasons to support sustainable manufacturing? 

You Get Quality Products

Purchasing from smaller, eco-friendly businesses means that you are sure to get quality products that will last.

Many people are now eschewing fast fashion for more sustainable products like clothing that will offer value for money.

Fast Fashion

It makes much more sense to invest in long-lasting, eco-friendly products instead of any trendy fad that will need to be replaced in a matter of weeks.

This applies to our Diatomite Bath Mat.

Instead of having to replace it on a regular basis like you would a traditional bath mat, a diatomaceous earth mat is able to go from wet to dry in around 60 seconds.

This means that you won't require machine washing which will release tiny microplastics into our waterways, and will last much longer than a cotton bath mat.

It Preserves the Local (and Personal) Economy

Whether it's purchasing from a local business or buying sustainable products that last, the money you spend can benefit everybody in your local community if you are purchasing locally, but it will also benefit you financially.

Many people opt for the product that benefits them right now, without thinking long term. This means they will have to reinvest in a newer version within a few months.

Focus on purchasing high quality and long-lasting now, and you will avoid being forced to reinvest in the future. 

You Get Products With Character

Whether it is sustainable homeware or organic towels, the fact is that when you purchase from a company that is more sustainable in its practices, like Misona, you are opting for a brand that has a uniqueness that would not necessarily be found within big national providers.

Misona Organic Cotton Bath Towel White

Opting for an eco-friendly product is going to provide something different to the norm.

This is a product with character, and can influence you to purchase more items of a similar ilk that can help communicate your sense of uniqueness in the home. 

It Creates a Sustainable Market

One of the things we cannot neglect when we opt for sustainable manufacturing processes is that we are investing in a small business's chance to thrive.

When we purchase sustainable materials and goods, this helps to promote the green economy and create a market where there wasn’t one before.

This means that we can all do our bit help to create more green-focused jobs and contribute towards a far more sustainable market place.

Reduces Carbon Emissions and the Environmental Impact

Of course, the most important reason we all need to invest in sustainable manufacturing and purchase from eco-friendly companies is that it helps us keep tabs on our environmental impact.

Eco Friendly - Sustainable Manufacturing

As consumers, we are responsible for the products that we purchase, use, and inevitably dispose of.

Whether it's opting for organic towels or any form of sustainable homeware, we are making the conscious decision to work towards lowering our environmental impact and play our part in making a greener future for all.

When we purchase from businesses that use sustainable manufacturing and responsible sourcing methods to create their products, this will help those businesses become stronger and help the products become more accessible, which in turn will help to promote a greener way of life for us all.

So, what is Misona doing?

It's a good question! Misona is committed to using sustainable manufacturing practices in order to minimize negative environmental impacts.

We wanted to make a difference where we knew how. Using our 31 years of experience in home and bathroom textiles, we designed products that we felt would help alleviate the problem and lead the way to a more sustainable future for our industry.

We are combining ethically sourced fabrics with modern and on-trend designs, pushing the boundaries of textile design: we continually invest in sustainable material sourcing, manufacturing and packaging.

None of our products contain plastic or synthetics; we only use organic, natural resources, and sustainable practices to make them.

It is our aim to be completely plastic free by 2025; only our Earthstone Bath Mat comes with plastic bubble wrap packaging and we are constantly looking for a viable alternative that ensures the mat arrives with you safely and securely.

Bamboo - A Sustainable Material

Through the use of superior-performing materials from bamboo to diatomaceous earth, our products are all anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and odour free.

This guarantees they will stay fresh and can last even longer in between washes, significantly limiting both your water and energy consumption.

Here to stay

Sustainable manufacturing is here to stay, but it may require more people to tout its benefits and indeed invest in it.

These are five great reasons to get started with sustainability; we can all make a small difference, even if its just very small steps to begin with.

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